Abstract Acrylic

This art is metaphorical view of human emotion, using color, figurative and abstract elements as visual language. The paintings serve as allegories of those experiences and stories that make us human. Each piece reveal it's story by engaging in the process of responding to the visual information before the observer. Finding that narrative often feels like crossing the Arctic Ocean on foot, hopping from ice floe to floe, while the story flows around and through, revealing itself in ebbs and flows. The objective in this process is to create a space in which the viewer may encounter unarticulated aspects of her or his own humanity.

Abstract Artwork

This work is about these patterns. The artists has created collages by first hand painting paper and then making shapes and designs that provide layers of color, light, and pattern. The search to capture the colors led him to the exploration of other mediums, to accent collages with oil stick, colored pencil, oil pastel and photographs of his work. These add layers, texture and line, visual moments for the eye to focus on.

“Fifty years ago, this personal journey of “learning by doing” began with building birdhouses. For the last ten years, as a sculptor and, recently, a creator of encaustic/mixed media, I still learn in the same manner. And, just incidentally, Maine cardinals still prefer their comfy nests…not my birdhouses!”

Artist of the Year

Magnus Borer is born in Vegas and worked in corporate for 21 years. He is a truly creative person, the center of his life has always been painting and teaching art. For more than 18 years he has been actively involved in the community by donating his time to community agencies and participating in many local activities teaching people of all ages in the US, Venezuela and the Caribbean Islands. He has conducted seminars for teachers in public and private schools in the United States and abroad.

A fine-art painter with a great passion for oriental art as well as landscape views. Magnus Borer exhibited his work in several national and international art shows throughout the years.

He was the Director of the Art Academy in Vegas for 25 years and President of an Art Musuem for 20 years. He has received certificates of Commendation, Appreciation, and Distinguished Visitor from the Mayors office in the City of Portland.


Under this section, Moderner Staat respects and supports creative people in our community who work tirelessly to perfect their craft, often for little more than the gratification they receive from an audience.

This phase of Moderner Staat growth is dedicated to building a resource for artists to turn to in order to live productive lives. When people talk about low-income families, they forget they're often talking about those who make our lives richer with their artistic gifts.

But we are not excluding those who simply enjoy the arts.

Artist of the Month

Out of 27 sales this month, Meggie Parker art counts 14.
Meggie Parker is a fine art painter and curator born in La Havana, Cuba. She received her education BA, BS, and MFA, from La Havana University. She was named the first Hispanic female faculty member, teaching a bilingual (Spanish and English) drawing and painting class at the Corcoran School of Art.

Her works are intense with passion and express experiences of her Hispanic-Cuban American culture. She is actively involved in the community by donating her time to community agencies and participating in many local activities. She is an Art Museum Curator

Meggie Parker has received distinguished certificates, honors, mentions and awards while exhibiting her work in national and international art galleries.

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